• 14. sept – 30.sept: DOG COMES IN, CAT GOES OUT / Ciara Phillips

    Dog Comes In, Cat Goes Out is an exhibition in two parts that takes place at Tag Team Studio and Trykkeriet, Bergen. All the work in the exhibition has been produced at Trykkeriet, during Phillips´production residency in August and September 2018. The opening on Friday 14. September will take place at both venues. At 7pm we open at Tag Team Studio, and at 8.30pm a bus will be available to take everyone to Trykkeriet. Make sure to see both parts! A warm meal will served at Trykkeriet, and you are welcome to stay late.

  • 16. september, 11:00 – 15:00: Gratis silketrykkskurs for barn

    Søndag 19. oktober arrangerer vi gratis silketrykkskurs for barn fra kl. 12-16. Kurset er åpent for alle, og krever ingen forkunnskaper.  NB! HUSK Å TA MED EGNE T SKJORTER!