Welcome to the presentation of the results so far from the Nordic workshop EDIT COLOUR SETTINGS. 10 artists from Danmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden has worked together for one week exploring colours and intaglio printing.

Saturday 29th of April at 20.00 o’clock Trykkeriet will show COLOUR SETTINGS IN PROGRESS, a selection of the artistic output.


Pernille Andersen (DK), Greta Grendaite (LT), Vibeke Jerichau (DK), Birgitte Munk (DK), Rita Marhaug (NO), Daniel Persson (NO/SE), Birthe Reinau (DK), Heli Rekula (FI), David Stordahl (NO/FI), Semund Svelle (NO).

The workshop is supported by HANDMADE, Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point.