Trykkeriet is pleased to announce a series of artist initiated one night events . The name of the series is TRYKKERIET EVENTS and welcomes any type of artistic medium. Please contact Trykkeriet for more information and  to see if we can find a spot for your project!  First up is video and performance artist ronnie s who will present his new video works that was produced in the Trykkeriet projectroom during fall 2016. His presentation starts at 8 p.m on February 18th.

I am unique, like a snowflake is. However mediocre or irrelevant, my work is always commited and like extremely urgent? In it I replace object for thought (idée trouvé), confront material with matter, price value, switch what is art for art is what, intensify the personal for a generalized common, loot and steal, twist and shout, copy paste. I dare to stand alone though am scared for getting lonely and consequently avoid the provocation. I consider not managing inevitable therefore practically a non issue and in the mean time an embarrassment in extreme.

Do not want to make any work but need to. Working as an artist is not a profession but a devotion and comes unlike any other occupation with immense responsibilities. My weak point is i am shy, or better chaste; the protestant way.

Individual or original thought does not exist. Original work does not exist. All seemingly new is constructed from what was. There is no progress, just continuance: my view on future is not more than a time running out. The past has past and consequently does not exist as a fixed memory even slightly true. Truth is relative – at best truly. Nothing is nothing.

I see my work of today as a handling. I am not an artist but basically a handlinger.
Let me be. I let you be. You do not let me be? Permission to be loud!

ronnnie s