May 2012

Mending crystal fragments has inspired Lucrecia Urbano to think about reparation, restoration, and perpetuity – how nothing returns to the first image, or to the reconstruction of its original intention.

Urbano has been working with artificial nature creating “glass flowers” from recycled bottles and crystal
discarded from a glass factory.

The discarded is renewed in beauty and art – fragile, ethereal, delicate and dangerous. Flowers In a Garden, which is an extension of an urban garden project workshop held in Zona Imaginera in San Fernando, is an engagement between neighbors and workers at a crystal factory in Ezpelata. A factory that was recovered by a cooperative of workers after the 2001 crisis. Here, Urbano created her own technique through discarded material. The neighbors have collaborated by bringing bottles of wine and beer that Urbano recycles through smelting. She sees glass as a vulgar utilitarian symbol of hybridization between high and low culture, and between the nobles and urban waste material. Urbano would also like to relate it to her own daily life as she performs an important social action in her studio by teaching art classes to 40 children in the slums. In this, she creates new opportunity to flourish, to collaborate, share, rebuild and to rethink new ways in every seed of a thousand fruits.