The Taste of Metal April 2013 Martha Ensign Johnson engages in an art practice that involves layers of imagery and print processes in an almost actual physical process of excavation of structure. The idea of structure ( construction and deconstruction) sprang from a lecture on linguistics where a statement that we are all born with a structural sensibility in a language sense led to pondering of what that might mean visually. Beginning with the question, ” what role does creative imagination play in the spatial experience?” led to the series of seven prints done in an intensive residency at Trykkeriet.  Six large format copper etchings, double printed in an additive process, all dealing with old metal playground structures,  were the result. Martha Ensign Johnson has had a forty year career in teaching and producing prints, and has exhibited widely in the U.S.A. as well as Norway. She has been in curated shows of experimental textile/print artists (University of Michigan’s Museum), one person shows in Minnesota and California,  and in a show with Trykkeriet’s co-founder, Asbjørn Hollerud, at Norske Grafikere in Oslo.

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