Trykkeriet – Senter for Samtidsgrafikk is pleased to announce the tenth edition of the collaboration exhibition project ONE with artist graphic designer and film maker Petri Henriksson.

ONE is an event based exhibition concept initiated and organized by Sex Tags and Trykkeriet. For each presentation a new artist is invited to collaborate with Sex Tags on a time limited, site-specific project. The events will take place at Trykkeriet.

Petri Henriksson is a Finnish graphic designer and film maker based in Berlin. He is one of the founding members of Blank Blank and Berlin artist studio Muscle Temple. He is particularly active on the Norwegian art scene and has distinguished himself as a designer for Bergen Kunsthall, the U.F.O. – Exhibition Guide for Oslo, Ekko, and various other organisations. His projects include the magazine series B.L.A.D., published in collaboration with artist group Sex Tags.

His fascination with print and books has led to several experiments and publications for artists such as Richard Tuttle, The Otolith Group, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Cerith Wyn Evans and others. Music is a key influence in his graphic works. He has designed album covers, produced videos and contributed visual material for various musicians. Most recently, with Blank Blank, he has been working with custom made film printers for the audio visual installation and live performance ‘Trioer’ in collaboration with musician Stephan Meidell.