Trykkeriet is pleased to announce the ninth edition of the collaboration exhibition project ONE with invited artist Asbjørn Hollerud.
ONE is an event based exhibition concept initiated and organized by Sex Tags and Trykkeriet. For each presentation a new artist is invited to collaborate with Sex Tags on a time limited, site-specific project. The events will take place at Trykkeriet.

Asbjørn Hollerud lives and works in Bergen, Norway. His art often deals with subjects such as mass production, identity and addiction by using seductive color combinations which is inspired from gambling aesthetics.

Hollerud received his MA in Art from Bergen Academy of Art And Design in 2008, and is the Director of Trykkeriet – Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Bergen. Hollerud has exhibited at places such as KODE, Hordaland Art Center, and Preus Photo Museum. Currently he is working two group shows with Torgrim Wahl Sund that will be shown in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan. Hollerud is also working on a site specific installation for the new municipal school of music and performing arts in Molde, Norway.