November 23, 2013

ONE is an event based exhibition concept initiated and organized by Sex Tags and Trykkeriet. For each presentation a new artist is invited to collaborate with Sex Tags on a time limited, site-specific project. The events take place at Trykkeriet.

Trykkeriet arranged the seventh edition of the collaboration exhibition project ONE with artists Snorre Magnar Solberg, Illari Larjosto.

Snorre Magnar Solberg works with different mediums such as video, sound, experimental music, photography, printmaking and installation.

His work is based on the process of gathering and archiving audio and visual information, and then using his vast archive as building blocks to rearrange and combine the different elements to a new body of work. As Snorre states himself, much of his work is about feelings, identity and existential- ism as main themes to be explored.

Previously to ONE. 7 Snorre has been taking part of the opening show for Bergen performance Art at Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, the project 24HRS at Momentum 2013 – Dare 2 Love Yourself – 7th Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art and several DIY events and exhibitions.

Illari Larjosto, Helsinki based producer and musician has dedicated his whole life to music making, and sound designing in its all forms. A drummer, producer, session musician and sound designer for several projects, including the Finnish national television.
Illari, always curious and restless to find new projects and collaborations, makes him an omnipres- ent and important figure of the Helsinki’s underground music scene.

His flourishing and diverse collaborations and output has resulted in a vast of different acclaimed records and projects, from the Finnish underground. It includes names such as KXP, DJ Candle in The Wind, Jimi Tenor, Randy Barracuda to name just a few. And he is also always busy with his own band project Jesse, making new records and playing live gigs all over Finland.