Til utstillingen INN på Trykkeriet har Anngjerd Rustand laget tre store silketrykk med utgangspunkt i akvareller. Første versjon av INN var en soloutstilling på ARTendal, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, i 2017. Senere satte hun sammen materialet til en bok, trykket som risografi. På Trykkeriet vises de nye silketrykkene sammen med en ny variant av boka

Ubåt Press is a brand new artist book printshop in Laksevåg, Bergen founded by Dino Dikic and Asbjørn Hollerud. The printshop is located next to a huge submarine bunker and right by the sea with an amazing view of the Bergen harbour! For the opening party Ubåt Press have invited Vilunki3000, Petri Henriksson (Blank Blank) and Sex Tags for a ONE #11 exhibition. There will also be music, home made food and cheap drinks provided by the Ubåt residents and special guests.

It is actually quite annoying to work with printmaking because it constantly leads to pain in my wrists. But  contrary to when I draw, it is the technique that controls me (at least part of the time), and this control results in a dialogue with the material. I believe this interaction has a nice power balance. The prints and drawings are often sewn and glued on top of each other.

  Praktiske øvelser: silketrykk, tegning og collage. En utstilling er alltid relatert til en kunstners tidligere utstillinger. I mitt tilfelle har en mer oppdragsbasert form for produksjon preget mitt arbeid, slik tilfellet er for mye av kunsten som lages i dag. En inviteres til å gi sitt bidrag til en spesifikk sammenheng eller til et […]

Trykkeriet is proud to present fresh works from Daniel Persson´s latest project: A Letter to Bulgaria. The series is a photographic silkscreen project in the boundaries of abstraction and representation of landscape, a project that aims to examine the notions of identity, place and context through the landscape as a visual narrative.

Welcome to the presentation of the results so far from the Nordic workshop EDIT COLOUR SETTINGS. 10 artists from Danmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden has worked together for one week exploring colours and intaglio printing.

Saturday 29th of April at 20.00 o’clock Trykkeriet will show COLOUR SETTINGS IN PROGRESS, a selection of the artistic output.

The silkscreen prints shown in the Trykkeriet exhibit are part of a continuing exploration of works titled How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the International Monetary System that Kenneth Steinbach has been developing in diverse media and approaches over the past several years.  The series explores the visual characteristics and underlying behaviors of fiat currencies.  Fiat currencies […]

Trykkeriet is pleased to announce a series of artist initiated one night events . The name of the series is TRYKKERIET EVENTS and welcomes any type of artistic medium. Please contact Trykkeriet for more information and to see if we can find a spot for your project! First up is video and performance artist ronnie s who will present his new video works that was produced in the Trykkeriet projectroom during fall 2016. His presentation starts at 8:30 p.m on February 18th.

Moving Matter consists of silkscreens and sculptural paper that have been produced during Lølands one month working period at Trykkeriet. The work is visually and thematically responding to production, local history and hand-craft and has a strong relation to the site. Bringing his hands-on and improvised working method to this field has resulted in works where the interest in materials, textures and surfaces are present. The thematic backdrop of the project is also the source for the visual elements he chooses to use in his formal and improvised compositions.

«Everything There is» is a series consisting of 5 silkscreened collages (70 x 100 cm) which use photographs from different objects from nature and natural phenomenon. The theme of the series is the human relation to nature, the world, the object, and connects to the idea of the anthroposcene age which implies that «nature» is a term that belongs to the past. Nature is no longer seen as a force separated from and ambivalent to human activity. The human being forms the nature, and nature and human are one.