The exhibition «An Uncut Line» is a collaborative project between Trykkeriet and Anna Christina Lorenzen. The series of woodcuts (125 cm x 245 cm) makes use of the maximum print format for woodcut printing at Trykkeriet.

I utstillingen ’Epoch’ på Trykkeriet har Janne Kruse arbeidet med reproduksjon av fotografisk materiale og sin hukommelse fra en seiltur over Atlanterhavet. Hun undersøker sammenfallende rom mellom den fotografiske billedflaten, fremkallingen av minnet og kroppen som registrator av både sine egne og omgivelsenes bevegelser. Reisens steder er løsrevet fra deres egentlige geografi. I stedet opptrer motivet i fotografiene som et hukommelsesparameter. Hva er et bilde og hvordan kan vi være del av et bilde?

Trykkeriet is pleased to announce the ninth edition of the collaboration exhibition project ONE with invited artist Asbjørn Hollerud.

TRYKKERIET is pleased to present a series of new works by Borghild R Unneland  on November 21st from 8 p.m In collaboration with Borghild R Unneland, Trykkeriet has produced silkscreened and marbeled papers to be released on Saturday November 21st. This is the fourth project this year where Trykkeriet invites an artist to make a […]

TRYKKERIET is pleased to present a series of new works by Apichaya Wanthiang November 7th at 20:00 o’clock. Wanthiang has during the autumn worked on a series of silkscreens at Trykkeriet that will be part of her exhibition:  A Sudden Outburst of Laughter, Dwindling. Beside the prints, paintings are central in her show. The exhibition […]

TRYKKERIET is pleased to present a series of new works by Lasse Årikstad October 31st at 20:00 o’clock

In collaboration with Lasse Årikstad, Trykkeriet has produced silkscreen and woodcut prints to be released on Saturday 31st of October. This is the third project this year where Trykkeriet invites an artist to make a new production.

For this exhibition Azar Alsharif has retouched, manipulated and recomposed existing images before they have been reproduced as photogravure, silkscreen, digital printing and sculptures in various techniques. This project emerges from Alsharif´s general approach to art, which is a personal method of manipulating found materials. Books, glossy magazine pages, photos and text become pictures and […]

Material Vision – Silent Reading is a film and series of prints by Espen Sommer Eide, based on the creation of new musical instruments and a performance developed on Bear Island. At Trykkeriet Espen Sommer Eide will exhibit 6 photogravure prints originally commissioned by KORO / University of Tromsø for the recently opened Faculty of […]

For his project at Tykkeriet, Andreas Siqueland has made a series of lino and wood block prints. The prints are simple line drawings of the sea and the mountains that exist somewhere between a simplified landscape and a theater prop. Forms are repeated and lines cross giving a sense of time and perspective to an […]

In After The Masters, Vilde Salhus Røed has reconstructed silkscreen frames in a way that mimics what they might have looked like after being used by other artists. She has coated several layers of ink in the frames and let to dry, as well as printed without motifs from the screens, and without washing away […]